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Straight couples are fucking weird.

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this post has got more notes in an hour than the amount of followers I’ve gotten in 3 years


this post has got more notes in an hour than the amount of followers I’ve gotten in 3 years

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Melbourne MD interviews just started for this year - meaning there’s a year to go before all of these Science and Biomed students begin to fret over applications and all of that shit.

I’ve often wondered about what makes med so appealing compared to other professions. I do think it’s quite an idealistic profession, but I can see why people are intrigued by it. Disease. Health. The human body. It’s interesting shit, and to be able to apply it in a practical/clinical sense ensures that you’re always going to be faced with new challenges as well as other developments. It’s an exciting and dynamic field, with high job security compared to other lines of work.

But it also means sacrificing a significant part of your working life. Heaps of people know about that obviously but it’s so much easier to just say you’ll pit up with it than to ACTUALLY experience it in the future. The training regime to a consultant is sort of like this:

4-6 years of medical school depending on your degree
1 year of internship
A few years of residency (I’m not sure how much?)
5-6 years of being a registrar (might be lower for some specialists e.g GP), where you’re studying to become a consultant and working at the same time. And that’s assuming you pass all your exams the first time; some exams are bell curved and have a 30% pass rate.

And then you’re a consultant. So it takes a good few 10+ years to make it to the top. You’ll probably be in your 30s by the time you make it, having to juggle family with your training.

Unfortunately that means people have to prepare themselves for missing out on all of these milestones. First birthdays, seeing your kid talk for the first time, all could be a possibility.

So life in medicine can be obviously less ideal than people think it might be. Because of this I do favour graduate-entry medicine because I really don’t think many 18 year olds are aware of the realities - it’s sort of a “I’ll get in first and then see what’s in store” mentality. While there are undergrads who still wouldn’t change their minds, a little bit of exposure to other options doesn’t hurt.

I remember when I was still in primary school I would tell the teacher I wanted to be a medical scientist. Along the line that transformed into medicine sometime during high school. And now I’m weighing up both at the moment. Research is something that’s actually very important to society but job security is obviously not great since you’ll probably stress more over grants and other funds than your work. Because if you don’t get a grant you’re pretty much out of work. If it wasn’t for that it would appeal to me a lot more because research is actually something I would definitely be interested doing, but the realities of the job market aren’t in my favour. Damn government is cutting general science spending as well (obligatory fuck abbott groan) - but hey at least we get a special medical research fund from the budget so I guess we won’t be hard hit.

Of course there are other professions too. Many people do Dent if they can’t get into the MD. Dentists actually make more money than doctors for the first few years after graduating, but as has happened in Optom and Pharmacy already, there’s going to be a surplus of dentists and that’s definitely not good for graduating dental students.

Speaking of Pharmacy, the pharmacists at Monash are paid at the same rate as a check-out chick from retail apparently. That’s how bad it’s gotten. All those years studying, all that information and responsibility you get - and you’re paid so shittily. What even. Our generation has tough times ahead.

For me, job security is a major factor in choosing a profession. Aside from my appreciation and interest in public health and medical science, what I want most is a stable career. I still appreciate being in Biomed though since it’s given me such a broad exposure to the medical sciences.

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Since the end of Year 11 I have totally neglected my Chinese. After that damn exam, I felt totally free from all those fucking weekends spent in language school, finally I had no more Chinese essays to write, no vocabulary to learn. So since that time, I haven’t studied Chinese at all.

As a consequence of that, my language skills have dropped. Dramatically, to the point where I feel like I have switched from being bilingual to monolingual. I can still understand some Chinese and can still read, but my understanding has become increasingly basic and more simplistic. I speak Chinese at home but I can just feel how English my grammar is. It feels as if I’m speaking it like a foreigner. I can hear it becoming more accented. Everyday I find myself having to flick through the dictionary to express myself. My Chinese has pretty much deteriorated to a basic conversational level which you would probably pick up in 1-2 years.

It is sad, it feels as if I’ve lost connection with family in a way. A language barrier with your own relatives, no matter how small, can make you feel like an outsider. I’m speaking to my Dad in English even more, even though it’s his second language. I can’t get the real gist of my messages across using a language whose connotations and subtle meanings he might be unaware of.

I also do feel as if I’ve lost some of cultural heritage in a way, which is regretful because there are parts of Chinese culture I do prefer over Western culture. As I become increasingly monolingual I can really begin to feel a sense of embarrassment even. I’m an Asian but can’t speak fluently in any asian language. Imagine those weird looks if I happen to travel to China etc.

I kinda want to study Chinese again. But I hate how it’s taught. Apparently in uni they pretty much just get you to fucking memorise a whole textbook, which is just fucking facepalm. Definitely not putting myself through that again, especially after all those years spent at weekend schools.

And I fucking hate watching Chinese dramas because they actually manage to make me roll my eyes so much they might actually slide out of my head. Urgh.

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trying to decode what you wrote to yourself.jpeg

i am laughing so hard at this



trying to decode what you wrote to yourself.jpeg

i am laughing so hard at this

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who is that girl I see?
staring straight
back at me

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I don’t understand american school years what the fuck is a freshman or a sophomore why do you have these words instead of the numbers

what why would you use numbers



America makes no sense, as usual.

bless the person that actually made the chart

laughter from France


France what the fuck

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walking into the wrong class




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i should not be laughing this hard


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Mike Wazowski joins the Avengers.


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wtf is this thing?
it doesn’t even have joysticks..
do you even rumble??!?

looks like we got ourselves a youngsterimage

*old man voice* in my day, you had to shake the controller yourself

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Being fathers is getting our daughters up at 5:30 am making breakfast getting them dressed for school and putting them on the bus by 6:30 .This is a typical day in our household . It’s not easy but we enjoy every moment and eveny minute of #fatherhood . #proudfathers #blackfathers #prouddads #gaydads

Okay I’m reblogging this again because I want to point out how beautiful this is and the sheer number of stereotypes it disproves. The stereotype that a gay couple cant be good parents. The stereotype that men know nothing about caring for girls’ hair. The stereotype that all gay men are feminine. The stereotype that black men abandon their children. The stereotype that people with a lot of tattoos aren’t caring. The stereotype that black people are too lazy to care about things like school- This picture is a beautiful thing and I love everything about it and it makes me regain confidence in the world we live in

Too cute!

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